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The Abundance is an exploration of what matters now, experience by experience. I keep a notebook, and from what I write in that little old leather-bound journal, will come these personal essays.

Who are the readers of The Abundance? People who want to live authentically, artfully, deliberately.

We all move through life to find out what matters now. Join me.

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The Long Read

Here is a list of my books, both personal narrative and fiction. Some award-winners and best-sellers.

The Islander (multiple award-winning novella)

Accidental Lessons: The memoir of a rookie teacher and a life renewed

Any Road Will Take You There: A journey of fathers and sons

There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard: A life in pets

A Well-Respected Man: A novel

Things Behind the Sun

October song: A memoir of music and the journey of time

Night Radio: A love story

The Consequence of Stars: A memoir of home

Rainbow Man: A novel

Walks with Sam: A man, a dog, and a season of awakening

Sandman: A golf tale

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Living authentically, artfully, deliberately


Memoirist, novelist, journalist.