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Similar experience ...

At about the same age several of us who lived on our block of North Ridgeland Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois, set up a Koolaid stand. Ridgeland is a busy street so no one wanted to slow down and block traffic to buy a cup of Koolaid for 5 cents. However, there was a red light at our corner so once

or twice we made a sale to a motorist waiting for the light to turn green. That summer crews were excavating what would become the Eisenhower Expressway, originally called The Congress. Dump truck after dump truck would rumble north on Ridgeland to unload their tons of dirt in the old brick quarry on Narragansett, and then make the return trip south for another load. One trucker, stopped by the red light, yelled that he would like a cup! But he was several doors away so we had to hurry to make the sale! We didn't make it. The light changed and we heard the trucker grind his rig's gears. We were crushed. But then we heard him shout, "Thanks anyway!" as he pitched a quarter across the street. The price of 5 cups; our best sale of the day! We screamed with delight and yelled, "Thanks, Mister!" as loud as we could. He stuck his arm out of his window and waved.

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Great memory! It evoked my own foray, as well as that of my eldest child who set up his stand back in the day. He's 38 now and I'll bet he recalls the sales he made. I cannot remember the last time I saw kids doing this. If you see one (in the burbs), let me know!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹

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